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Monster College Chronicles, Book 1

At Manster College, monster professors guide students in the fine art of fitting into human society—easier said than done.

Professor Gormley Grimn didn’t choose the Gorgon life—the Gorgon life chose her…sort of. When she was cursed by the jealous fiancée of her study partner, Gormley fled, leaving those she loved behind to become a professor of chemistry at Manster College.

It’s a safely secluded life, devoid of sex—until she falls into a lusty affair with Dean Ormr Snaakemon, a half smooth-skinned man, half smooth-scaled snake, and one hundred percent hottie. Life as a cursed Gorgon finally doesn’t seem so bad. But Gormley’s a lover, not a killer.

When the local Purity League vows to stamp out all monsters, she’s pushed to a decision. Should she and her students stick with her no-killing principles, or join forces with the anti-Purity League Knobbers—a group of demigods, including the woman who cursed her?

When all you need is love and a college education, does anything make fighting worth it?




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