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Xochitl Ramirez is powerless. But when her mom’s death incriminates the strongest man in the world, she becomes determined to shine a light on these so-called heroes. So, she starts her blog, “Storm Chaser,” and armed with only a camera, she exposes the truth behind New York City’s billion-dollar “hero” industry.

When her lens finally catches the number one hero in his pursuit of a strange robot, her life is turned upside down. Connecting the dots between a number of untimely deaths swept under the rug by those pulling the strings, she discovers a mishmash of unlikely allies. Between her attraction blooming for a “villain” turned sidekick, and her discovery of an underground vigilante group who may be just as bad as the corrupt heroes, She quickly finds no one is who they seem.

Meanwhile, discontent for the entire system grows as regular people realize their comics, playing cards, and favorite movies feature the morally gray. In an instant, the powerless begin to pose a genuine threat to the “heroes.” Xochi must rely on her wits and the help of her newfound friends and lover to break out of a system now branding her a terrorist, or else become another faceless victim conveniently left out of the narrative.




Book Author: Ariel Dominelli
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