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Children of Fenrir, Book 2

Ayra is the monster that slays monsters—a fate she never wanted. Forced on her by her brother Calder, a man who bit in countless new werewolves to awaken the power of the reaper, she now has no choice.

The responsibility falls on her. Not only does she have to put down rabid werewolves, but she must stop Calder from exposing them to the world, and thereby risking the annihilation of their kind.

But she won’t be alone.

Vidar, the crush of her childhood, has returned from Iceland. Trained by monks to help guide and protect her, he insists on traveling with her. But is it her, he wants, or the reaper?

It shouldn’t matter, but it does, even as her family promises her to a man she does not love. As they are dragged deeper into a plot involving the fate of the Norse Gods, Vidar is all she can think about.

He deserves a life, a mate, a pack. Ayra only brings death.

If they can’t get past their would-have-been romance and focus on the future of their kind, there may be no future…for any of them.

Disclaimer: Previously published as Twice Turned, now with new material.




Book Author: Heather McCorkle
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