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The Djinn, Book 1

A thousand years of servitude left Leela more than a little jaded. Betrayed by the man she loved only begins her lessons on the wickedness of humanity.

Her hope for freedom for herself and her fellow Djinn from the magical stones that bind them has dimmed to a barely-there glimmer.

But it hasn’t yet been extinguished.

When the young, handsome, and idealistic Jered inadvertently becomes her new master, Leela wonders if his tenderness and concern may be real.

And despite her years of suffering, her heart begins to open to him. And the chance at romance.

As she inches closer to trusting Jered, the past and the enemies that come with it, resurface, threatening the small spark of happiness in Leela’s long life.

After a millennium of pain what—and who—is Leela willing to sacrifice for freedom?

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Book Author: Lizzy Gayle
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