THE CAGE (eBook)

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All she wanted was an apartment…

Amanda Jackson was used to toxic men. It’s all she’d ever known. And this gorgeous blonde property manager, Connor Brooks, was a walking red flag. But she needed a place to stay, and this unit sounded amazing. She’d be crazy not to look at it.

For Connor, finding a mark was easy. A simple ad in the classifieds. Once they were inside, it was too late to escape. They had no way out. One look at their frightened eyes on the monitor, that’s when the housebreaking could begin.

The second Connor closed the door, Amanda understood her situation. She was trapped and defenseless. Or was she? She has one card to play: make her captor fall for her before it was too late.

All she wanted was an apartment. What she got was The Cage.

The Cage is the first book in a dark series by Danielle Bannister, author of Girl on Fire. Because The Cage is told in dual POVs you might be torn over if this book is a horror or a romance. Please be sure to read with care and check for tropes on the author's website.

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Book Author: Danielle Bannister
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