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Syn City Shifters, Book 3

Nolan Bankston isn’t just a cocky gunslinger with a badge and secrets tangled up in my family’s worst tragedy. He’s a wolf shifter and my fated mate. No way this will end well.

Three years ago, a rogue wolf shifter slaughtered me and my family. I swore a blood oath to serve an immortal Fury straight out of mythology in exchange for a second chance at life and brutal vengeance against anyone involved in my family’s murder.

Nolan, a wolf shifter who thinks he’s the gods’ gifts to women, needs my help. Only he’s more than a marshal—he was the best friend of the dead wolf who murdered my family. Except he has proof the real killer is still alive and here in Syn City.

I’m a mortal Fury, a divine dealer of execution for crimes that must be avenged. Even if the signs point to the killer being my fated mate.

A Steamy Enemies-to-Lovers Romance with a Murder Mystery, A Wolf Shifter Cop, The Mortal Version of a Mythological Fury, Wings, Action, and Roller Derby




Book Author: Luna Joya
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