THE FIX (eBook)

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Sometimes the fix is worth the fall.

Ezra Mackenzie is a disaster, but at least he’s a disaster in recovery. He hasn’t done much he’s proud of the last few years, and he’s got a lot of work to do before he can look himself in the mirror and like what he sees. Let alone attempt re-entering the dating world—what kind of woman would be interested in a screw-up like him, anyway?

Then he meets Juliana Almeida—and she is more than interested.

Knowing full-well that romance ought to come second to his shaky new sobriety, Ezra tries to keep his distance. But her allure is too strong, and self-control hasn’t ever been his strong suit. Juliana believes in him—or at least the him he lets her see. As he nears the one-year mark in his recovery, Ezra’s demons refuse to stay buried and his desire to be the man Juliana deserves can’t compete with the fix he never stops craving.

What Ezra doesn’t know yet is that sometimes the fix is worth the fall.

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Book Author: Kristin Rouse
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