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The Witches of Star Island, Book 1

A Beltane spell reveals a prophecy that will change their lives…

Laurel Bay is the third of five witchy sisters living a sweet life on Star Island; she runs a tarot reading business, depends on her sisters to pay her bills, and spends her free time jumping into the Hedge World, a realm few witches can access. But when a great love from a past life comes to her, Laurel is blinded by her need to find him-she throws all caution to the wind and ends up stalked by a vengeful witch she can't remember.

Owen Davies is stuck. His powers as a son of a witch are minimal, he's surrounded by morally gray water witches, and he's aching to find his soulmate-so much so that he has a storage unit full of furniture he's built for the mystery woman. Then a fateful vacation lands him in Laurel's garden and their paths are finally intertwined.

With witches after Laurel's powers and buried secrets unearthed, circumstances begin to mirror their heartbreaking past life. But this time around, Laurel and Owen refuse to be separated-not by time, not by a witch, not by death.

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