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The Reel of Rhysia, Book 1

Elwyn is remarkably unremarkable, and she prefers it that way. What more could a thief hope for than to pass through life unseen? Upon fleeing a violent life with her invisible friend-a clever and capricious creature who's only grown more real with time-she is plunged into an adventure rife with otherworldly beings both beautiful and beastly.

As the Greyscale' most cutthroat assassin, Brannon has a bone to pick with Elwyn-and several to break. Tasked with hunting down his errant colleague, he soon finds himself in a magic-steeped hamlet where he encounters creatures even more deadly than himself. To survive, he must rely on the very rival he's been sent to capture.

Little Lydia has a chilling secret, and even she doesn't know the whole of it. Her unusual appearance has earned her the nickname "monster," and there may be some truth to the slight. When she caves to the whispers that have slithered through her mind for months, she loses everything she knows and must start anew in the company of criminals.

Bored by his charmed existence, prince Aedyn slips into the lives of these three misfits only to learn of schemes that place both the Mortal and Faerie Realms in peril. If he can help the others work together to thwart the plans of two feuding fiends, they might just manage to save multiple worlds…provided they don't kill each other first.

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Book Author: Lilla Glass
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